Don’t you think it’s a little pathetic that all you draw is fanart? Aren’t you like 45 or something? All you have to show for all your years of work is a bunch of drawings of Castiel. It’s fucking sad dude. You’re going to wake up one day and regret that you didn’t draw anything of your own that’s actually original.















Good thing it’s my life and not yours then, huh? 

Gosh, you don’t even have to worry about what bills I pay. All you see is my hobby. Isn’t that nice of me?

You know what. No. I have more to say.

This pisses me off. The implication that 45 is too old for a woman to have fun is fucking bullshit. 

JJ fucking Abrams is 50, and he’s a fanboy. He’s making AUs, and he’s doing the exact same thing as any fangirl is doing only with a much bigger budget. There are plenty of dudes just like him, too. Comic book artists, writers, directors—all men, all older than me, (I’m 35 by the way, not 45) who are no different. The only difference is that their work is called work and not “being a fangirl.” Their work is respected. Even though fangirl is exactly what they are.

So fuck your jealousy, fuck your misogyny, and most of all fuck you for presuming to know a goddamn thing about my life and what kind of hard work I’ve had to do—not just to draw this well (read: better than you) but to allow myself to be happy about it when the whole entire world has decided I’m not allowed to be. Fuck you for every girl you ever made feel foolish or pathetic for not sacrificing every bit of herself to you.


You can’t hear it, but I’m clapping for you right now. This. All of this. It’s absolutely perfect. Go you. Fuck them.

Plus, dude, the Renaissance Era is full-on people being forbidden to draw/sculpt/write anything else than Greek and Roman Mythology(/fairy tales) Fanart (or Christian stuff). At the end of it there were debate over debate about “The Ancient and the Modern” as in : the Ancient had come up with the only possible creative stuff, now poor ol’ us cannot do anything better and don’t you dare be original. Tell any French person that Jean de la Fontaine was pathetic because he wrote fanpoems of Aesop and they’ll laugh in your face. The man managed to full on criticize the King who created Absolute Monarchy through poems that are still learned by every person in the country nowadays. Or say that about

Michelangelo or Botticelli. Most of these artists had fun and many loved Greek Mythology. The idea that everything “has” to be original stems more from a reaction to that time period than to an objective Reality.


Michelangelo, Fontaine, Botticelli. Da Vinci, whoever else. Painters, sculptors, writers. 

Whenever people use the argument “Renaissance art is just fanart of the Bible or Greek myth” or whatever else, they’re forgetting that all of that stuff was made by men. The reason it’s legitimate and the reason we hang it in museums and remember it isn’t because it’s fanart of the Bible—it’s because men did it.

The second men don’t do it, it stops being legitimate. Of course Renaissance art is fanart. OF COURSE IT IS.

I know fangirls who could out-scholar a room full of Shakespeare professors. I know fangirls who are the greatest writers, the greatest artists, the greatest talents you’ve ever seen. The most passionate, brilliant ladies speaking more passionately and giving more of their time to the things they love than any man. But because they’re fangirls—the operative word being girls—everyone is waiting around for them to grow up and stop this foolishness.

And what a huge loss. What a huge fucking loss.

The absolute best part is that, even if you caved into their stupid demands, they’d still complain, “Why aren’t you doing fan art any more? no one wants to see your original characters!” and other bullshit.

There’s no appeasing these fucking fools who sit and try to dictate how you should live your life, because it’s not that they are upset you are doing something, they are upset you are a WOMAN doing something.

You are 100% right, the reason that when I was in grade school classes talked about art and poems and stuff of people from long ago is because they were made by men and they are considered valid. The reason that women throughout time have sat down and used a pseudonym on their work is so that people would think they were men, so that their work would be taken seriously.

It’s all a stupid world, a world built by old white men who are afraid of people doing what they want, doing what they like, having fun, because they don’t understand it, because they are sexist or homophobic or whatever, they are afraid; They have power as long as you bend to their will and don’t do what you want, don’t enjoy your life, so screw them, scare them, do what you want and have fun doing it!


The thing is, this extends to the TYPE of art women create too. Ever wonder why your grandma could spend hours on an embroidery piece, and then if you try to sell it, the best you can get is less than $5? It’s not because of the craftsmanship or originality of the piece, or because it’s “easy to reproduce”, it’s because we don’t respect art that is traditionally created by women. Ever wonder why the go-to activity for medieval women was embroidery, but we rarely see it saved and displayed in museums today? Because it wasn’t valued. My mother hand-quilted all her life, and once created gorgeous quilts and matching window dressings that she designed herself. When we sold that house, we were trying to move ASAP and running out of time. So when our one prospective buyer demanded four bedrooms worth of window dressings for an extra hundred dollars, my mom reluctantly agreed. After we left and the new home owners moved in, they were FURIOUS because they thought they were buying four window dressings and FOUR HAND-MADE QUILTS, for $100. You have to go to special museums to see historic quilts and embroidery, and they’re not common, because they’re not saved. When I made embroidery of my own design and tried to sell it, people told me I was over pricing it, and that a fair price for something that took me a couple of hours to design and DAYS to complete was around $5. Because “a machine could do that”. I watched my mom argue with people over whether a handmade quilt should cost more than something from a department store.

I stopped doing embroidery for anyone but myself. I don’t quilt unless it’s a gift, or for me.

We know that that painting or print we buy from a dealer is worth the extra money we spend, because someone put time and effort and creativity into it. Men have long established that painting and prints are art. But we look at something traditionally feminine, and ignore the time and effort and creativity put into it, because “a machine could do it.” It’s just another way to downplay and degrade women’s work.

This post got better and better.


I quilt. And there is no way I will ever actually sell one for what it’s worth. I made one for my mom that is nowhere near flawless, but it has about $500 worth of supplies and 5 years of my (admittedly off-and-on) work in it. It includes family photos. (I spent ages begging them from family members, choosing just the right ones, editing them, printing them on fabric.) My brother asked me to make one like it for his mother-in-law, whom I barely know. “I appreciate your asking, but you can’t afford it.” I could do it for my mom because it was a gift for my mom. A labor of love. All of my quilts are, including the current one, which is just for me. I have had one of my quilts appraised, not because I was worried about its value – I knew how much I had invested in it – but because I knew having a dollar amount on it from a certified quilt appraiser would make my family members see it differently. When I gave it to my oldest child as a high school graduation present, I also offered up the appraisal paperwork – valuing it at $4,250. It’s on my teenager’s bed, where it is used and loved, as I want it to be. But it also is treated with care. It has never been thrown on the floor and is always folded neatly and moved out of the way of anything that could spill on it. (Aside from our house and cars, it is the most valuable thing in my house, including the same teenager’s custom computer.) Seeing that appraisal amount is the first time in 25 years that my husband has been truly impressed with my quilting. He’s always been polite about it. (”That’s very nice; thank you” is a direct quote and the sum total of his reaction to the quilt I gave him for Valentine’s Day a few years ago.) But his general theory is “why go to all that trouble when you can buy one at Walmart for $20?” Ummm … I thought long and hard about what this person I love loves, created a pattern, looked everywhere until I found just the right fabric – or found the right fabric and then worked until I created a pattern that suited it – and spent hours/days/weeks/months of my spare time making it – not to mention the money spent on supplies. There is no other quilt on earth quite like that quilt. There’s no way a mass-produced store-bought quilt can meet that standard. 

My dad literally once asked my mom of her quilting “why do you cut it all up just to sew it back together again?”

She turned to him and said “why do you saw apart all that wood just to put it together again?”

I don’t think he got it, but he never asked such a stupid question again.

I’m a artist and writer of original material, and use Fanart to keep sharp.  And you don’t owe ANY NORMIE an explanation why you do what you do, or like what you like!

(A “Normie” is anyone who isn’t Fannish.  We used to call ‘em “Pizza Delivery People” back in the Day!)

!!!!!! BRB campaigning for Pizza Delivery People to be common fandom usage again.


Alright let’s try this again.






I SEE AS IN ME MYSELF AND I ONLY ME see stevonnie has female

You don’t just get to “see” people as genders they are not.

Stevonnie is NB and uses they/them pronouns. That is canon. That is show canon, confirmed by writers in the show, 100%. It is not ambiguous. It is not up for debate. 

It would be incorrect to “see” Jaime the Mailman as a bowling ball. It would be incorrect to “see” Mayor Dewey as a posh southern belle with fox ears. It is incorrect to deny that Stevonnie is non-binary, and is not female. 

This is simple. 

Do you also see trans and real life nonbinary people as being whatever gender you want them to be?

no I see them as what gender they want to be but I draw a line in the sand when they say they and them

So you do actively misgender real life trans and nonbinary people, too. Okay, that’s all I wanted to know.

(ps: it’s not what gender they “want” to be. it’s the gender they are.)


This is the first time ever I do a post like this, right now Puerto Rico, the country where I live is in a huge economic crisis (worse than US for those who want to compare), jobs are very scarce and if “Project Promesa” gets through, minimum wage for people under 25 years will be down to $4.95 per hour – I am doing my best to get a job, but I’d figure I could try this so…

I’d really could use some extra money but I don’t want just a donation, I’ll start this .gif “comission” thing, I can work with Pokemon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mirai Nikki, Shingeki no Kyojin, Log Horizon, RWBY, Love Live! Schoold Idol Festival, Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online, Dangan Ronpa: The Animation, Ore Monogatari, League of Legends cinematics, Overwatch cinematics, might add more – I will work on them as hard as I do with any previous .gifs I’ve made.  I do not know if its to low or too pricey but I’ll do .gifs for just $1, and you will get a “mini promo” on the .gif post I make, if you want a gif-set of 6, which is 2×3, then I’ll do it for $5

I know a lot of people will think this could be dumb or who would ever pay for it but I don’t want donations for nothing in return and its probably the only thing I can offer in return since I can’t do art.

All the money will go towards saving for my upcoming university semester & a trip to visit my girlfriend, I’d appreciate everything. 

If you do then message me with what scene, character or whatever you want me to do .




For those of you in North America, Europe & Australia, the Shaymin event is now available on Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games. This event is available through Mystery Gift > Receive Gift > Get Via Internet and gives you the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin, which can’t be found in the wild. With this, you can also get the Gracidea to get its Sky Forme. This event is only running through to July 24th so get while you can. 

Source: Serebii 

is due to end on Sunday!!  







“actually asexual” more like “what other communities can we steal shit from”

The person who proposed this WAS an autistic person but alright

As an autistic person I wanna say something here:

The #actuallyautistic tag was created out of necessity because the #autism tag was and still is a very unsafe place for autistic people. A lot of ableist people post in there quite regularly and we dont want to have to see a flood of ableism every time we go into the tags.  The #actuallyautistic tag was created as our safe space where we could post more safely.  Ableist people still post shit in the #actuallyautistic tag sometimes though and it makes us quite upset and furious that they keep invading our tag after they already flooded the others.  

As an asexual person who is autistic I want to say that the situation is very similar right now for asexual people.  The recent exclusionary hatekeeping behaviour has brought on a flood of aphobic hatred and harassment into our tags.  The #asexuality tag is now pretty much a danger zone. Just like the #autism tag it is no longer safe. I know for a fact that some aphobes stalk the tags waiting for ace posts to attack and I know for a fact that aphobes post hatred into the ace tags. Since the #actuallyautistic tag was created the #actually_ thing has spread to a lot of other disabled and neurodivergent communities and thats a great thing and I see no reason why it cant be extended to asexual people too when they are also facing so much hatred and harassment in their tags.  Ace people need a tag like that,  though just like with the #actuallyautistic tag there are bound to be assholes who will not respect the rules of #actually_ tags. 

Ace people creating an #actually_ tag isnt stealing from the autistic community at all. 

Not to mention that there are a lot of autistic,  nd and disabled ace people so if there was really a problem with using the #actually_ thing then you can bet we wouldnt have stayed quiet if we didnt want it used. In fact it WAS an autistic person who proposed the idea. 

I’m allistic, so I’m sorry if this overstepping, but I’d also like to add that, when the #actuallyasexual tag came into use, the ‘asexual’ tag was being bombarded with troll posts, porn, gore, and combinations of all three. Say what you want about the ace community, but I find it hard to believe that any group deserves to have their tag deliberately flooded with extremely upsetting images. Furthermore, the use of “#actually__” tags (and lot’s of communities use them!) in no way detracts from the usability of the original tag?

Yup! It actually makes me personally quite happy that the #actually_ tag thing has become such a big thing. Personally Im more than happy for other minorities whose tags are being attacked/harassed to create their own #actually_ tags if they feel like they need them. 

Do people accusing the ace community of “”“stealing”“” not know how many other actually___ and variations exist????

Like I ain’t gonna screenshot the list because of the need to keep these tags safe but I’m following like 40+ of those tags.


Please be wary of Pokestops in isolated areas that have a Lure in them!

Criminals have figured out quickly that young adults swarm to these areas, and a handful of people have already gotten mugged (some at gunpoint). Unfortunately, some Pokestops are in dark or barren areas.

– Always be aware of your surroundings! (You won’t just get eaten by Gyarados)

– Don’t go to places not brightly lit, especially if there aren’t other people around! Staying in your car won’t always help.

– The best places for Pokestops tend to be places with high foot traffic anyway, like plazas, malls, colleges, and popular parks. Stick to those if you can!